February 20, 2017

About Us

Hi there! It’s us, Ludopium. We are an independent game studio based in Cologne, Germany. We specialize in music games and ludic audiovisual installations.

We love to make use of stuff that moves, rotates, shifts and/or slides to create interactive experiences with. Our passion for music, visually striking art, and experimentation powers the creation of all our work.

The team consists of an international group of game developers with all kinds of backgrounds in different areas of media production.

Onto the press kit!

Bálint Márk

Game Design


Bálint’s first name is Bálint, which is confusing to some. He loves working on games and really dislikes talking about himself in third person. When he doesn’t do those things, he is sometimes teaching Game Design at University of Theatre and Film Arts with György.

🤺 Used to do fencing (which is really not as posh as it sounds)

György Droste

György Droste

Game Design


György goes by many names, so don’t be surprised if he is introduced to you as George or Georg. Besides designing awesome game experiences at Ludopium, he teaches Game Design at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest.

🧱 Is a failed Team Fortress 2 mapper

Juan Orjuela

Juan Orjuela

Audio & Arts


Juan breathes music. The young Colombian is in charge of everything that makes a sound at Ludopium. You’ll usually find him buried in the hundred newest of his instruments, jamming.

🐈 Prefers cats over humans

Utz Stauder

Game Programming


When he isn’t coding, fixing bugs or handling the business side of Ludopium, you can regularly catch Utz live streaming as part of the fun indie dev collective @indiestrolche. GuMo!

📆 Contributed to a nude calendar

Tom Schildhauer

Project Management


Tom is the new guy. He’s in charge of keeping people just the right amount of disorganized. When that’s dealt with, he does a bit of everything else that needs doing at Ludopium.

🍅 Grows aaall the fruit & vegetables on his balcony