The Venue Berlin – Synth Mode


Last 15 of March Bálint and I did a small 2 day trip to Berlin to be part of a very special after work session in a really cool spot called “The Venue Berlin”.
Twice a month these After Work networking sessions are curated by different stakeholders from the music/tech scene and luckily for us our partners Spielfabrique were curating next and decided to bring us along.


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We decided to embrace this rare opportunity with an equally rare presentation and we decided to unseal or “Infinite/Synth Mode” for Isometric Epilepsy. It consists on a table full of synthesisers all synced to a master clock provided by the game.

In this mode the player can dance through an infinite level with different challenges, while the audience creates a live music performance. The music was weird but everyone was dancing, there where hands moving dials all over the table and the custom colors lit the room in all sort of unexpected ways. It ended up being a fun collective exercise of game design and live music creation.

Hopefully we can show this feature the next time we exhibit the game.


How it works?

The game outputs a 5v gate trigger signal directly form the headphones jack, from there we can just simply connect it to our synthesisers and modules to create music synced to the beat of the game.






We had tons of fun! We met a lot of wonderful people and we are very grateful for being able to be part of this event.